Customer Order – Specifications, designs and other criteria are gathered with a detail understanding of the Client requirements.
Working Schedule – Our Core Technical team works on modalities like Product Design, Workmanship, Manpower allocation, functionality, reliability and safety
Material Purchase – Our Purchase dept takes into account the various raw materials required and procures the same with planning to avoid delays in the production schedule.
Moulding Process – Granular Plastic is fed into the hopper through a heated barrel and passed to the injection mould.
Data Setting – Data is set for the first sample production.
Quality Check – Quality Checks and balances are done on the first production samples and improvements made.
Mass Production – On complete satisfaction on the quality aspect conducted by the core technical team, Mass production is initiated.
Quality Control – executed by the Quality Assurance team
Packing & Warehousing – On successful completion of the quality checks the finished products is further moved on to packaging and logistics for delivery.
Transportation (On time delivery by our vehicle)

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